Autographic welcomes you to our completely revamped
and extremely informative website!

We started with designing and creating light fixtures; some from our own imaginations, others to give a new life to orphaned antique pieces. We have now expanded our services to:

  • Custom Business Lighting Design
  • Interior Design and Light Renovations
  • Custom Web Development
  • Graphic Design 
  • Corporate Identity
  • Media: Video & Photography

Although it seems ambitious, we continue to practice our main principles of uniqueness, technical validity and collaborative design. Everything we work on and create must meet the standards of perfection and safety with a priority on great communication while coproducing with our clients. Everything must work succinctly to their needs and always with a personal touch. 

Special thanks to Central Stamp for creating our gorgeous stamps that
give our business cards their unique quality.

About Our Site Organization

In this website, each of the categories in the menus have a photo index table of contents that lead to subcategory pages. There are also photo gallery freebies if you want to see some behind the scenes action! We have maximized the visual fields and kept a clean and elegant look. It may seem lighter, due to the generous white space in the design, but it is packed with any information you may need for services you desire. Feel free to peruse our gorgeous framework and explore our new website!